Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

aka The Few Thoughts Rattling in My Head Now

  • My house is squeaky clean - right from the anjala potti to under the bed and couch. I even went around the house picking scraps and dust (since someone "accidentally" broke the vacuum cleaner the last time I asked them to vacuum the house). There are fresh flowers in the vases and the house smells great! And yet there is no-one here but me - not even visitors :-( As S keeps commenting (a la Vivek) "Yaarume illada kadai la yaaruku tea aathara", I keep cleaning the apartment

  • These days I seem to hate watching chick flicks - I even prefer watching movies like Terminator. I was getting worried that romance was dying in me. Then I came across this video and it made all gooey inside :-)

  • I feel like I am neglecting the fine art of poetry. I want to keep a book of poems on my nightstand and read one each day so that I can get beautiful poetic dreams :-). Any suggestions? (Yes, you and you, the only 2 readers of my blog)
  • Is it me or do new sitcoms really suck? I mean I caught a few episodes of The Bill Engvall Show and New Adventures of Old Christine - and they both were bad. And even sad. Of course Parks & Recreation rocks. And I am guessing Shut Up Sit Down will be equally awesome it's created by the makers of Arrested Development. For the uninitiated "Arrested Development" is the BEST show on tv ever! If you haven't seen it, go to hulu and watch it NOW
  • Like I said, go watch Arrested Development now, I am going to do the same


harini said...

lol!! tats corect ...superb dialouge by S ..' yaarumae illadha kadaila yarukku nee tea aathara?? '
:):) ...

janani said...

@h - You are supposed to take my side on things like this!! Hmmph! Neways you guys are just jealous that I have a fulfilling life cleaning! :-P

Deepthi said...

U should try n watch 'Drop dead diva' ! My new fav! -

Sandeep said...

Clean House - Yeah...why dont you accept that you got this form me!

"even prefer watching movies like Terminator" -> hullo?? Whatz wrong with terminator?

Sandeep said...
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Jinguchakka said...

For poetry have this book by your side:

I like it very much.

Janani Sundarrajan said...

i really like reading your posts. my husband travels a LOT too and im home alone most of the times...and yeah..i keep cleaning all the time( since i have nothing much to do)...cant hang out with a lot of my friends really, since almost ALL of them have kids i guess in a wierd way, i get what you go through..

Janani Sundarrajan