Monday, July 06, 2009

Tiny Story: The Mother-In-Law

Pankajam peered through her thick bifocal lens and waited anxiously for her son in law and his friends to finish dinner, her stomach growling louder by the minute. At least with a daughter in law, she could have had a vocal fight.

I know, that I had promised another feature on Thursdays and I missed the deadline last Thursday. To break the suspense (if any), the Thursday's feature is Extra Long Story - a story that would be broken into atleast 3 parts. But here's the deal, I have started writing a story and I have some idea about how I want it to end, but it's not written in black and white yet. So do I start the feature and let the story take its course as the weeks progress or do I wait for to finish before publishing it? Ideas will be appreciated, criticism will be tolerated and references to mega serials will be obliterated! :-)


Jinguchakka said...

With a daughter-in-law, Pankajam would be the one eating and the d-i-l waiting!!

Pankajam is my mom's name. :-)

And start your mega story. That way you could improve on the plot as you get time to think and tweak.
Don't wait to finish!!

Sandeep said...

daughter-in-law,son-in-law,mother-in-law... ->Last warning. If family subjects keep continuing I will be forced to take law in my hands!! Pichupuduven Pichu!!

Don't wait till you finish. Publish you story and keep developing it. You can also ask readers to suggest alternate endings after your final part.

RaviB said...

I go with others. Let the story take its course. That way, you can change the endings based on the response from we readers :)
And what a nice tiny story. Is the son-in-law a pudhu maapilai and is he a veetoda maapilai ?

Sandeep said...

Its Thursday!