Thursday, July 09, 2009

Door County - A little Slice of Heaven

So I am now back to the real world after a fabulous 3.5 days in Door County, WI. S and I haven't had a vacation since our wedding - nopes not even a honeymoon. After a lot of planning, poring over brochures, checking flights and hotels, we zeroed in on Door County, which is about a 3 hour drive from here. (I ruled out all destinations on the West saying that's too far to fly, and S vetoed nice places on the East like West Virginia saying they are more beautiful in the Fall. I really hope, for his sake, that he is planning an awesome WV/Virginia vacation in September as promised)

If you search for accomodations in Door County, you get like zillion options right from tiny motels, Bed AND Breakfasts, vacation home rentals, Resorts and so on. My first choice was a Bed and Breakfast, since the room was soooo pretty and everything seemed so quaint. But most of the ones that had rooms available didn't have any water view and we finally picked Westwood Shores Resort which was one of my last choices. But I am so glad that the other places were sold out - because Westwood Shores was amazing!

As soon as we arrived, we were told that we were upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite. And the first thing we noticed when we entered the room was the amazing view.

The suite itself was clean and had a lot of (tasteful) nautical themed pictures and knick knacks all over. So after loading all out stuff into the smaller bedroom, S and I head out to the private beach in the resort. We spent most of our time in the chairs on the pier, taking in the water or lounging in their indoor pool. We made ambitious plans to take the ferry to Washinton Island and to do a cavepoint kayak tour - but as I said earlier we spent all our time by the water. The best realxing unwind trip ever!

While I am at it, I would like to announce that the Inn at Cedar Crossing has the best pancake ever! When I came home I wanted to throw away the pancake mix that I usually use to make pancakes. S adds that he vouches for the French Toast there.

So if anyone is planning a vacation anytime soon, pick Door County - you won't be disappointed!

P.S I have postponed posting the story since I don't feel it is good enough. To make up, here is a post I wrote about a trip that I took 3 weeks back and forgot to post.


Jinguchakka said...

Door County? Is it good enough for honey-mooning?

I am thinking of Chicago for mine(IF).


Sandeep said...
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Sandeep said...

reminding me of door county on a working day...Brutal:-(

@Jinguchakka - It's definitely great for honeymooning. Pristine waters, Breathtaking sunsets and the calm and serene atmosphere..omg its just astounding! Check out more pics at

janani said...

@jingu - Fraud Chicago! :-)

Yeah Door County is really beautiful. Considering we have just 4 days, we didn't want to spend a lot of time on the commute

@sandhu - As usual trying to brag about your photography!

Sriram said...

hello. first time here. those pics are awesome. u shud post more pics.