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A shiny new post, sponsored by Fathima.I don't really understand the tag very well, but I am just going to talk about the various things she has.

Where do I start and where do I end? I don't want to sound cliched, but they really are the most important people in the whole wide world. I had this long post written where I talked about each person and how much they mean to me. But I chickened out and didn't publish it. I don't want to expose my raw emotions in a public blog. I just have this to say - you people are the best and I love you more than anything in the world.

I have always been blessed with good friends wherever I go. They have been there and supported me and have really given me some good times. Mwah! Couldn't imagine life without friends :-)

Oh no no no no, not going to talk about my love in a public blog too :-)

Things I Like
This is a toughie. I have so many things I hate (see last post) and I need to think to come up with something I like now.

Ok here goes, I am saying it out loud - I love my teddy bears. I really do. Hugsy and Subbu (short for Subramani) are the bestest teddies ever. Can't sleep without hugging them.

*Tries to run away and hide, with face red*

I love my books! My favorite author is Wodehouse and he has given me many many hours of laughter. Those of you who haven't read him, stop reading this blog and go pick up a book of his right now. I also loved Hitchiker Guide to the Galaxy in the same vein.

I love fantasy and magic, I immensely enjoyed the Harry Potter series. And of course, who could forget The Lord of the Rings. But more than these I liked this trilogy by Jonathan Stroud (The Amulet of Samarkand, the Golem's Eye and Ptolemy's Gate). I found them brilliant and I recommend this to anyone who likes magic and humor. I also liked the Eragon books of Pauloni and am waiting for the third book.

Indian/Asian writing interests me a lot. Loved Jhumpa Lahiri's Namesake. It made me reach into myself and discover. I have just started with Unaccustomed Earth by her, and this one seems promising too. And how could we forget R.K.Naranyan while talking about Indian writing. Swami and Friends is a special book. Made me get back into time, a world I had never seen and yet made me feel a part of it. I also would like to read more of Salman Rushdie. Ooh and the Ramayan series by Ashok Banker. (They aren't available in the US and I kinda feel guilty for asking those coming from India to bring me novels, seems frivolous.

The one regret that I have is that I haven't read anything in Thamizh. Would love to read Ponniyin Selvan and some of Sujatha's novels. Again not available in US!

Still have lot more to talk about, but I guess I better make it a separate post.

I am going to talk about my favorite actor here, since I his movies make a large part of my favorite movies. Kamal Hassan is the best actor ever period. The man just lives for his art. He is good at whatever he does - comedy, drama, action. My favorites among his movies are Salangai Oli, Hey Ram, Anbe Sivam, Vettayadu Vilayadu, Michael Madana Kama Rajan, Kadala Kadala.

I also love animated movies. Unfortunately I don't seem to get company to watch these. I still haven't seen Horton Hears a Who for the same reason. Talking about animation, I also like Jim Carrey - the man is so elastic.

Well, what do I write here. How about I open this to discussion in the comments section? So folks, who am I?

Recent Plans

There are lots of these, coz I am the best planner and the worst implementor. Some of my recent plans are
* Volunteer at a community theatre
* Learn Spanish (I am already registered for Elementary Spanish for Fall 08 Woohoo! )
* I would like to go for some art classes. But I feel so intimidated since I have had no formal training after my school days.
* I would really really really like to learn to play tennis! But again, the intimidation factor. Maybe I should join a class in Madison.
* Go to the gym regularly (This has been on my list for many many years)
* Read some non-fiction

Well I guess I covered all of them in the above category

Well, I am a big dreamer and half the time I kind of zone out and forget where I am. I used to do a lot of role playing when I was younger and even drew maps of imaginary islands (I drew them in detail right down to cities, states, rivers, their tributaries and so on)

But I seem to have grown out those and now my dreams are more practical (atleast I think so). I would really like to own a restaurant down the line. I would like it to be a little upscale and classy. Of course it would serve Indian food - thats my most favorite food and I know a lot about it. I would want it to be a dim-lit, date restaurant and NOT kid friendly (can't stand wailing kids). Another thing is that I want two versions of every dish, mild and spicy and people can order the one they want. I can imagine the menus right now, it would be all Indiany and glossy, and would have some small story or something for each dish. And my chef is will most certainly be straight from India. And I would really have a lot of variety for vegetarians. All this only if I earn enough money to sink into this :-)

I would also like to take a year off from work and spend it on trying to write a book. I don't fancy myself to be an awesome writer, but still it would feel great to have a book. Even if it doesn't get published, the very idea of writing one appeals to me. But then, I don't deal very well with self-imposed deadlines (I should be studying for my Wireless Networks finals right now). So I guess the year might just be spent more on TV and other things than writing :-) )

So that is it, tag is done! Thanks Fathi for tagging me. Writing this has been cathartic.

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Sandeep said...

Hey that was a great post! And hugzy and Subbu have got atlast got a formal intro!!!:-))So....are they thrilled!?

Restauranta?..en full support unaku than and you better not forget our deal about your book!