Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Anndddd I am back! I know, I just did a post and all that. But I realized the first page has entries from 2006 and I wanna fill the whole page with 2008 entries. So you - the reader from Wisconsin, the one from Bangalore and the one from California. So all of you keep coming back and keep bringing your friends, alright?

So as I was sitting here, wondering what to write, I realized that it is easiest to write about things I don't like. After all I do have a lot of them.

So what's it with these companies who interview and then don't get back? The least you can do is to send a line saying you are not interested. I don't expect a response from every company I send my resume to. But if you are going to set up an interview and have people talk to me, the least you can do is to send me an email saying you found some "stronger" candidate or some other corporate balderdash.

And while I am at it, what's up with these catty mommy bloggers anyway? I mean they go around bitching about anyone and everyone and when someone disagrees, they pounce on them say that its their blog and they can write what they want. But God forbid, if someone actually disses mommy blogs, they get their claws out, head out to that blog and actually try to tear the blogger in question apart. So its one rule for you and one for them?? Grow up first so that you can raise your kids right. (Since exactly three people read this blog, I can say what I want without having the mommy brigade behind me :-))

Oh I almost forgot the "Hi how are you" group on gtalk, who ping thus when they want something done. I know you don't ping me unless you want something. So cut the crap. I don't wanna talk niceties with you for 15 minutes. Just tell me what you want and if I can do it and want to do it I will. Don't start asking about my parents, sister and teddy bears in India.

Thats a lot of vitriol for you guys. I feel so much better, this is cheaper than therapy! :-) So long!


Juggernaut said...

hi...how r u? how r ur parents/siblings and teddy bears?

plas accapts franships

Fathima said...

U've been tagged


I enjoyed that. And, er, how is the teddy bear?