Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And I am backkk!

Dusting the cobwebs away from my blog for the umpteenth time after numerous writer blocks. And grad school isn't helping either. Yup this blog is now brought to you from Raleigh, North Carolina and I now join the bandwagon of the American Desis at whom I directed many blog attacks.

So all ye erstwhile readers and commentors, come back and lounge in here again. (S are you listening)

I will now start off with how beautiful Raleigh is and here is a pic of fall color at a lake in our campus.
And since that is out of the way now, I can talk about what I don't like about the US of A. I hate it that we don't have autos here. I hate having to walk 25 mins or take a bus to get milk. I hate that it is nearly impossible to get good Indian food outside of home. I hate the options or the lack of it that vegetarians have in all restaurants. I hate having to talk in a fake accent to make people understand me. I hate to pay Rs 100 for a good cup of coffee. I hate to wear heavy coats thats difficult for me to lift. I wanna go back to Mummmyyy!

People who take the above paragraph seriously and accuse me of being a hypocrite can go to hell

On a totally unrelated note, what is it with these mommy bloggers who post innumerable pictures of their kids, but guard their identity with their life? If I have a kid, I would be more concerned with protecting her identity than mine. Just one word for you mommies - pedophiles!
So kind readers what's up in your lives right now? Leave me a comment and we can talk about it :-)


Sandeep said...

nice post!....i think it wud've taken a while to dust those cobwebs...hehe!!

And I'll wait n see what some people have to say about US of the A after December!!;-)

janani said...

@sandeep - Hmm, some people forget that they also own blogs which gathering dust at an alarming rate! :-)

Hmm yeah maybe Disney will blow me out of this funk!

Anonymous said...

fall 'color' huh??? becoming a proper NRI while cribbing abt the US of A? smart!!!

Jinguchakka said...

I so loved your hate list. :-)

I agree with your point about mommies. But calling them as pedophiles!!! :-0 A bit scary.

janani said...

@anon wise guy - Knowing isn't liking!

@jingchaks - We love to hate! :-)

Dude, I am not calling mommies pedophiles, just letting them know that pedophiles lurk the internet!

Anonymous said...

I think u came on a lil strong on identity-hiding-mommies.

janani said...

@anon - Really? You know I wanted to do a whole post on them, link to some of them etc etc. Well the mommy bloggers as a clan irk me. But they are like soaps and I keep reading them. :-)

Just to be clear, I am not calling mommy bloggers pedophiles. Just giving out a warning

Jinguchakka said...

your warning noted. Next post please! :-)