Monday, April 02, 2007

And That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Hello hello and hello! Now gimme a minute now to dust these cobwebs away.

Aah, much better now. So how have you all been?

While I stretch my limbs and figure out these knobs and controls at blogger, here are some pictures from Bombay (I call it that still, like Madras and Calcutta).

The first two are enroute to Bombay from Pune via Lonavala.

And then we hit Bombay!!

The ubiquitous taxi and buses

And all these old buildings which seem to make up Bombay. Not so much of a "big" city huh? :-)

The Gateway of India. (Did lots of other touristy things, but no pics)

Velu Naicker's boat :-) Nila adu vaanathu mele :-)

And my impression about Bombay - not so impressive!! Certainly not worth all the hype that people who live there claim. Chennai and even Hyd seems much better. :-) In fact a certain blogger once told me that I couldn't even call myself a city girl having lived all my life in Madras, as he felt Madras isn't as much a city as Bombay. And I was laughing all the time I was in Bombay thinking of that. To each their own! Peace

Ok folks, behave yourselves and you might see another post before you know it. :-)


Sandeep said...

You had a parrrrrrrty u bet!!And Whoa these are really good pics n they looks much better here than in picasa/kodak.

You bet madras i know what u're gonna get at but all said and done madras is my ooru!

And can i have my share from this trip already?:-(

Anonymous said...

Good Presentation of your thoughts on
our singara chennai..

Yaseen said...

Chennai...Well said, i came across ur blog somehow, but frankly speaking - i was impressed by the sheer amount of love that u have towards Chennai! Hmmm..i am from bangalore, but unluckily i got a job in Chennai!! I feel this place is cursed!!! Nothing personal though, but i really dont like this place. I go 2 bangalore to spend my weekend..even a day off --> to bangalore!!
I may be wrong..if u can enlighten..Please..

Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!