Thursday, November 30, 2006

And so ..

Here I am staring at the Create Post screen once again not knowing what to write

I could write about the time I gave the mechanic at the Bajaj service station a 100 rupee tip and got back a shiny new bike, cleaned and greased at places which I didn't even know existed.

Or I could bitch and moan and crib about work

I could talk about the one day trip to Bangalore and how I was inside an office for nearly 8 hours without my mobile and ipod and nothing to do.

I could even talk about the interesting phoren gentleman I met during the travel, who was a mathematician and an artist, who sold his paintings for 20000 USD, who was sketching all the while talking to me, with whom I discussed love, life and the unfairness of it all and who turned to be half Indian in the end

I could chronicle my house hunting adventures, miserly house owners and elaborate about how real estate brokerage is a lucrative career

I could announce on a happier note that my parents are moving to Hyd and dream about my idyllic life where I never need to cook again!

I could write about S' engagement and how I missed going to that, M's engagement which I am currently in the process of missing and K's engagement which I am going to miss.

I could rave about my new digicam which I bought in the Thanksgiving sale (thanks S boy) and how it takes the most wonderfullest pics!

Nah! Another day another post :-)


Anonymous said...

So cutes, I got here first! :-) And don't worry all your troubles will run away

Sandeep said...

u bet u r having an eventful life!!!

And kadalai with a "phorener" potrayed sovery decently....mmm....there is no justice in th1s world!:-(((

"with whom I discussed love, life and the unfairness of it 'all' "...what does this all mean...i want an explanation NOW!!!

cute post jans....looking fwd to more:-)

Harini said...

cudnt agree lesser with sandeep...what kadalai that too with a "phorener"....hmmm hmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I came accross your blog through the internet bumper stickers website...since youve been chosen as the "sticky site ",,so its one up for that !

YOu seem a really interesting person ...well thats what the blog says about ur personality..

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cheers.. )spain)

Prasann said...

Came to ur page via should should should write've got a nice style of writing; sort of flows smoothly and makes one smile.

and yes, real estate agents do earn a lot of money without really doing anything for it.

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