Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Highly Dynamic Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector Routing

Nah, I don't know what that means either! :-) I just wanted to know how it feels to blog about something as complex as "Distance-Vector Routing". (Networking gurus please don't start bragging by telling me what it actually means - I couldn't care less. And yes I know it is not plain tripe, I picked up this title from CiteSeer.)

Recently I came across this site from Boing Boing. I had had a lot of fun with it, generating a paper called "Contrasting Consisting Hashing and Web Services" and sent it to all and sundry and for a few hours made them think I was worth something after all! :-)

There is something between me and papers though. Through my four years of BITSian life I had always wanted to present a paper for APOGEE(the only tech fest I have ever attended, no actually I attended this thing in my 9th Std in Asan Memorial and put a skit or something about viruses and stuff... But I am digressing now, time to close the braces). During my first year the homeward pull was much greater than any desire for academic excellence and I went home. The second year I assumed I would working hard for mech assoc (which I didn't) and didn't even attempt to prepare one. My third year - the year when everyone becomes serious about studies, I was serious too and pulled my roommate also into the grand scheme of things. We browsed and did this and that(less of browsing and even less of the allied "this and that" activities to be honest), just to come to the conclusion that a tech paper would be terribly cliched since everyone was doing that. We decided to do something literary and hit upon analysing the works of Wodehouse. And then, we started planning a trip to Jaipur and Wodehouse was promptly forgotten. We hung on to the Wodehouse idea during the psenti sem(final semester) also, but something bigger got in the way then(Amritsar, Chandigarh and Wagah Border).

Looking back, I have 0% regret of not writing a paper, 'coz now the photo albums of Jaipur and Amritsar give me more happiness than a certificate stating that "Janani Sundarrajan had participated in APOGEE and presented a paper on blah blah blooh blah"!

And that's the way the cookie crumbles! :-)


Kaarthik said...

Did you know about the two guys from MIT who used a similar paper generator engine and that paper managed was selected for some european event. :-)

janani said...

This one is done by MIT students too and one of their papers was selected for some conference too! :-)

kalpana said...

hey what was the area (net prog or mech)of the tech paper u were thinking to present b4 hitting upon wodehouse ka idea. jus curious to know ;)

Mukund said...

No doubt there are atleast a few technical blogs that are interesting. The interesting thing about them is that they are jargon-free, simple & straight to the point with good real-time examples (not like the toy examples that are usually given in the books).

But someting like what you have in your title is really scaring.

Coming to your other point about presenting papers ... you can as well present a paper even now. So, Good luck .. and may be one day soon, I might get a technical paper from you. So... who is going to generate that one ? :)

janani said...

@kalpana - i ma not revealing anything apart - i don't want to contend with plagiarism! ;-)

@mukund - joel's blog is the first thing i think of - non jargon tech. but then wot's jargon to one might be basic funda to those within that domain. and as for presenting a paper now - the odds are very less! :-) i might send u some other "generated" paper though! ;-)

Nithya said...

okay I remember I was the roommate but i dont remember what techie thing we were looking for. Wodehouse did sound a bit out of the normal but when something more *important* came up we decided to ditch p.g.w! Our operating systems are priority driven - always fixed priorities for wing trips! :-)

janani said...

@nithya - hey even i don't remember wot that thing was! :-)

Subs said...

Paper aa janani - sollave illa..

only thing i remember is - we all went for a treat becoz sharan and guds won something in that