Monday, April 25, 2005


Most of my dreams(good ones that is!) when I was in Pilani and when I am in Hyderabad used to involve being in Madras(I prefer Madras to Chennai). I have this tendency to compare every place I go to with Madras, and somehow Madras always comes off favorably. Once I step off the train onto the Chennai Central, my heart feels light, my step becomes a skip and a song plants itself magically onto my lips. The long and short of it is, in my mind Madras is close to heaven.

But one small incy-wincy teeney-weeney complaint that I have about Madras is CAS! Even with so much restriction and regulation all the Tamil channels have escaped unscathed - totally unjustifying the need for a set top box. It's channels like Zee Cafe(formerly Zee English), Star World, HBO et al, that have taken the axe. More than movies, my heart goes out for sitcoms - my favorite being the endearing F.R.I.E.N.D.S. My day doesn't feel complete if I don't watch compulsive Monice, oh-so-cute Rachael, geeky Ross, drop-dead funny Chandler, plain dumb but sexy Joey and wierd with so many rings Phoebe(I don't like her all that much!). No matter what anyone says, I don't find them cliched at all, and I really wonder how anybody could not be in love with them! Maybe its mere candyfloss, but hey, I am shallow too and this is a shallow blog! :-) Be it reruns or rereruns or (u get the point right), I want my dose of Friends everyday. Zee Cafe folks aren't carrying it beyond the ninth season. Can any gentle reader help me with Season 10 CD/DVD? ;-)

Will & Grace is another favorite of mine - "Just Jack" is enough to keep me laughing for hours! Caroline in the City is another that I find funny enough to keep watching repeats. Star World does itself well too, airing Grounded for Life, Everybody Loves Raymond and That 70's Show.

So no-one told you life was going to be this way... :-)


Kaarthik said...

I cant beleive it, where you complaining about chennai ?!! :-)

Mukund said...

CAS in Chennai (a little out-dated topic, I guess)

Guess Chennai's parents are all happy with it :) No English channels and my kid is safe watching TV.

Hey and you never made any mention about the wonderful Sports channels that Chennai is missing these days. Their coverage and commentary is no where comparable to DD Sports.

And also, my personal favorites - Discovery & National Geographic is also gone now in Chennai.

Irrespective of all this, you rightly said that CAS is too small a issue to complain about CHENNAI !!!

Chennai lovers ... What Say ???

janani said...

@kaarthik - its just an "incy-wincy teeney-weeney" to quote myself! :-)

@mukund - since i am not too inclined towards sports, i guess i missed out on espn and the likes. and as for discovery and natgeo - i cudn't care less! :-)
CAS is definitely the only thing that i can crib about in chennai.

kalpana said...

hey i agree with u jan..... though v complain a lot on those rerereruns v do watch them regularly.....( including the week that was :)) rt?

Subs said...

I want the time and channel names of the other programmes that u have mentioned in ur blog MAIL it di ...
ok va ..

I learnt about Friends from u folks only .. and have enjoyed watching it ..

Btw - Nice one di ..

joel said...

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