Monday, June 30, 2014

Well, We Meet Again!

Once more I dust off the cobwebs in this space and say Hello to my blogging peeps. Blogging has become so old fashioned now that I guess it is retro fashionable to blog. Considering I now live in a very hip part of Seattle, (Yes, I am bragging, after five years of living in the suburbs, it's nice to live in the city again), I should have more to blog about. Which brings me back to my old complaint - I need friends in this city. Despite all my old complaints when I lived in WI, I ended up making some wonderful friendships. While I am not losing those friends completely, I am again at a loss for people to do things with. "But Janani," you might say, "you now have your husband to do things with." Very astute and very true, my discerning reader. But that is exactly why I need more people to do things with. Not to sound sappy, but S and I are excellent activity partners and we worry that if we don't seek out some fresh blood to hang out with, we will be all too content to just spend time with each other, until it's time to move again and we won't have anyone to help us. Just kidding, we like friends for other things too, but the biggest test for friendship is helping with moving IMO. 

Now that we have the statutory whining out of the way, let's talk about happy things, As most of the very few who read my blog know, I have finally made it to Seattle with a job in hand. And we found an amazing apartment in a great neighborhood in Seattle. We walk everywhere, there's a grocery store, a gym, a bank, restaurants and everything else just a few blocks from home. There is an amazing Coop, just a mile away that is bigger and better than Willy St Coop (but I still miss their amazing avocado TLT wraps!). Oh and my apartment has two patios and also has a teensy water view. But furnishing the apartment is another story altogether. We've sent two sofas away now at time of delivery and we won't get a sofa until three weeks later. I still need to find places for certain things. And I am waiting for this adorable reading chair I want to go on sale. We also need a ton of plants for out two ridiculously large patios (I hope everyone is sufficiently envious at this point). And we need a grill! I know, I know we are vegetarians. But what can I say, veggie burgers taste better when they are grilled and plus we have the space (did I mention our patios?). It feels like I've been working every weekend, to get my apartment ready and it still doesn't feel that way. Most of it is because S and I are very detail oriented and we want thing to match our vision exactly. Some of it is just bad luck though. But happy thoughts! Maybe I will post about our misadventures sometime. I think I will do an apartment tour after we are somewhat done too. I've snagged a few pieces that I absolutely love and I can't wait to share them.
I have some ideas for blogging and I hope the umpteenth time of getting back to blogging sticks. Time will tell I guess.


kaushik said...


Let me know when you get that grill!! Trader joes has amazing veggie masala burger patties

janani said...

@kaushik - Oh yes! I love those burgers. I need to buy a grill before summer is done :)